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Price List of Services Offered

Effective: November 1, 2022

Monday Through Friday Before 3:00
Summer Full Burial $795.00
Summer Cremation Burial $500.00
Urn Vaults required unless approved by cemetery
Saturday Full Burial additional $400.00 or a total of $1,195.00
Saturday Cremation Burial additional $400.00 or a total of $900.00
Saturday overtime burials after 1:00pm additional $100.00
Overtime Mon - Fri $50.00/hr
$50.00 per hour or ANY part of the first hour after 3:00pm
Winter Full Burial additional $170.00 or a total of $965.00
Winter Cremation Burial additional $80.00 or a total of $580.00
(Winter burials charges apply November 15th to April 15th)
Baby Burial or Child (up to 4' casket) $150.00
This is charged both in Baby Land and in a private family owned grave.
Saturday Burial additional $50.00 or a total of $200.00
Full $1,450.00
Cremation $795.00
Niche $150.00
Baby $400.00
The Cemetery is not responsible for vault, C-Box or casket damage during disinterment.
In addition to Interment Fees
User Fee $195.00
Cremation/Urn placed in casket OR 2 cremations in one urn Or 2nd burial
Small Urn Vault $75.00
Inside dimensions 9.7" W X 5." H X 7.5" D Interior of dome: 7"
Large Urn Vault $75.00
Inside dimensions 14.75" W X 10.75"D X 8.875"H + Domed Lid
Monument rights graves $1,625.00
2 graves required, included in this price.
Additional grave $775.00 ea.
Marker rights only graves $745.00 ea.
Front Section Marker rights only $625.00 ea.
Single grave in older section $625.00 ea.
Baby Land Section
* Monument tier $150.00 ea.
Small monument allowed on a single grave in the monument tier 24" wide base max for monument.
** Non Monument tier $100.00 ea.
12"X24" marker allowed in tiers 21, 22, 23 & 24
Columbarium $2,145.00 Unit 2
$2,495.00 Unit 3
$2,995.00 Unit 4
Includes: 2 inurnments, 1 niche, *all engraving (surname(s), given name(s), year of births and deaths.
* If niche for 1 person $195.00 less $1,950.00 Unit 2
$2,300.00 Unit 3
$2,800.00 Unit 4
Saturday Overtime charges apply
Inside dimensions: 11" D X 10" H X 10.5" Front and 7" W Back Units 1,2, and 3
Inside dimensions: 12.5" W X 12.5"H X 14"D Unit 4
Granite Marker Section $1,115.00
Includes: 3 x 3 gravesite, 2 Inurnments, 2 Urn Vaults
* If grave for 1 person $1,015.00
** Marker setting fee (package priced) $120.00
Black Marker Cremation Section $1,530.00
1 person $1,430.00
Includes: 3 x 3 gravesite, Black granite Marker with engraving as allowed by cemetery, 2 Inurnments
Urn vaults are needed if no urn or urn is corrodible or will rot or decay over time
Final Year dating is charged at the engravers rate.
Greenwood Cremation Garden
Cremains only (with full record in cemetery office) $300.00
Cremains and Name engraved on Memorial Stone $600.00

* ENGRAVING IS EXPECTED TO BE ORDERED WITHIN 45 DAYS OF NICHE PURCHASE. If customer DOES NOT WISH for engraving to be done until time of inurnment, Niche owner will be responsible for the difference between engraving cost at the time of purchase and the current engraving cost plus transportation cost of 40 miles at the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate when engraving is ultimately requested.

Baby Land only 10" x 20" or 12" x 24" $100.00
Markers all sizes $225.00
Maximum 4" collar allowed on all markers
2/3 limit for monument base, 24" min and 48" max height to address "Wedge" monuments.
42",45",54",60" x 18" $250.00
72" x 18" $350.00

* Any marker, monument or monument base made for a cremation must be approved by the Office or Sexton prior to being ordered.

* Permit fee for marker to be taken out for a collar or a replacement marker. $45.00

* Collars available for $100.00 basic size, $200.00 double: Make check payable to: Wayne Middleton

Where you can reach us
Greenwood Cemetery
8402 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880

(715) 392-2837
Office hours
Open Weekdays:
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
and 1:00 PM to  3:00 PM
Our office is closed right now, but we'll be back tomorrow at 9:00 am
Our office is open until 3:00 pm
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