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Did you know that a majority of people are choosing cremation as an end of life option over a traditional burial? Today, more and more people are choosing cremation AND are either having their ashes buried or placed in above ground niches. This provides families with a place of memorial and opportunity for end of closure, as well as a final resting ground for future generations to visit.

We here at Greenwood Cemetery would like to assist you with several options for cremation burial. With all the other costs involved in end of life care, it's no wonder many are turning to cremation.

Columbarium Niche:
Includes 1 niche, 2 opening and closings, and engraving of family name and two 1st names, birth, and death years. Veteran or immediate family member descriptors e.g. Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, or Brother may be included in the engraving, provided the overall wording fits within the allotted six lines.

Granite Marker Section:
Includes one 3' x 3' gave, 2 inurnments, 2 urn vaults (marker rights only, marker to be purchased from a monument company).

Bronze Cremembrance:
Includes one 3' x 3' grave, concrete base, 2 inurnments, bronze frame for nameplate with surname, 2 first names, year of birth, and year of deaths.

Full Size Flat Marker Grave OR 2 Monument Rights Graves:
We allow 2 cremation burials per full size grave.

Full Size Flat Marker Grave OR 2 Monument Rights Graves:
We allow 1 regular full casket burial and 1 cremation burial per full size grave.

Burial Options

We offer services for both traditional and cremation burials.

Cremations may be placed in our beautiful columbarium's above ground niches. Additionally we offer dedicated cremation burial sites with bronze or granite marker options.

We also offer the ability to inter two family members in one gravesite, either two cremations or one cremation and one traditional burial.

The Douglas County Veterans Services Office, in cooperation with Greenwood Cemetery, provides free of charge gravesites for Douglas County veterans. All gravesites use the government provided bronze marker. Normal interment charges apply, however, the charge for marker setting is reduced.

Marker & Monument Installation

Markers (flush with the ground) and monuments (upright) may only be put in place by Cemetery personnel, subject to specific requirements as to size, number and placement. Contact us for detailed specifications and pricing.

Genealogical Research

We are happy to assist with genealogical research inquiries. Please contact us with your inquires. Information is also available through the Douglas County Genealogy Club website also the WI Geneaology website.

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